For Therapists

Supervision Group For Therapists and Interns.

This psychoanalytically oriented case consultation group mixes theoretical discussion with case studies. Through the use of case presentations, readings and discussions, we explore the dynamics between client and therapist, and we assess concepts and theoretical models for sound practice. The supervision is also a forum for the therapist to explore his or her own counter-transference. Therapists from diverse theoretical orientations are invited to participate.

We focus on topics such as:anvil-grey-pebble

  • How to initiate an analytic relationship,
  • How do you deal with a difficult client,
  • How do you interpret unconscious material,
  • How do you establish the position of the analyst,
  • How do you work with cultural and gender differences,
  • How do you develop a therapy practice,
  • How do you organize and manage caseloads, and
  • How to deal with legal and ethical issues arising from the therapeutic work.